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Back to School and 3 ETF Tips

Back to school with the right health focus

Alberta has finalized a daily self-screening sheet for parents, students and school staff. You can find it here, and it is available in 11 languages.

Also as per Alberta’s school re-entry plan;

In case of a pre-existing or underlying medical condition, consult the child’s physician to consider the health risks and make a decision about returning to school that will best support the child.

Contact the child’s school to discuss available options and support.

Staff should also consult a physician and discuss options with their school board.

Click here for the full resource guide in Alberta.

For BC’s back to school plan in September; please click here.

Three ETF tips.

Exchange-Traded Fund (ETF) is a security that can contain all types of investments, such as stock, commodities or bonds in one trade.

As opposed to mutual funds, ETF is traded all day on a stock exchange, the same way as stocks are bought and sold.

ETFs usually have a lower management fee as compared to mutual funds, although Actively Managed ETF can have higher costs. Keep in mind ETFs do not offer any guarantees or have the by-passing probate features that Segregated Funds offer.

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