Why Critical Illness Insurance?

If you suffered from a critical illness, the recovery process can be long and impact your financial sustainability. Critical illness insurance is designed to help you in such situations and ensure your financial retirement plan remains intact.

The top three causes of death in Canada as per Statistics Canada are Cancer, Heart Disease and Stroke. Critical illness insurance will cover all these and more, giving you a worry-free health recovery while managing your finances during your illness times. This coverage will allow your spouse to be at your side while you recover.

Is it worth getting critical illness insurance?

Many of us think that critical health problem only happens to other people. But, the truth is 25% of women and 20% of men will suffer from cancer or heart attack, or any other serious illness before they reach the age of retirement. We often consider what happens if we were to die prematurely but rarely consider the effects of a critical illness.

Critical illnesses can have a destructive effect on a family, whether it is just paying the bills or extra costs involved in adapting a home or traveling for hospital treatment.