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Executor Duties, estate Planning and Tips to Pay Home Renovation Bill

Life planning and executor duties

The complicated and stressful duties of an executor workload are reduced by using Segregated Funds.

An executor takes care of preliminary steps, beneficiary relationship, safeguarding the estate assets, valuing the estate administering the estate, taxes and distribution.

There is a systematic approach to keep the family inventory organized, and it helps in case of an event. We can help make this process more comfortable with the use of Segregated Funds and avoid the costly probate process of settling a will with your registered and open investments.

There are over 15 family category items such as debt, life insurance, investments, cards, accounts etc. that are part of essential estate planning and planned effectively would help children understand the process and manage all details in one place.

Three tips to pay unexpected home renovation bill

Here are three tips to finance an unexpected home renovation, and you could use your life insurance policy to help pay for these improvements.

Currently, some of us are spending time and money to do renovations in our homes to increase the value of your property. Paying for improvements can be an option via;

Checking your home equity and using it to pay for renovations as this might offer the lowest rate of interest.

Line of Credit may offer a higher rate of interest, but if you can’t access your home equity, then it is one of the feasible options.

If you have built equity in your life insurance policy, it is possible to take out a cash loan against the policy and still keep your life insurance policy in force. This will depend on a case by case basis.

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