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Insurance and Financial Newsletter July 2020

What are no Medical Life Insurance policies?

We will love to wish a Happy Canada Day to all in our July newsletter.

Quick information about No Medical Life Insurance Policies.

Some life insurance policies are issued without any medical exam and are considered guarantee issue policies.

The guarantee issue policies require no medical, and some medical questions are asked, and policy is either issued or denied based on the questions.

Individuals with health issues can have necessary life insurance coverage to protect their family, so if you have any health issues and are in doubt that you can get an insurance policy, give us a call or book an appointment.

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Three questions to ask Financial Advisors.

  • Ask a financial advisor if they represent a particular organization, or they have multiple products from various organizations. In other words, if they are independent brokers. This is to help you determine whether they will present only one company’s product or will give you more options.
  • While you are planning for retirement, as a general rule, ask what is the required cash flow level to have when you retire, compared to your current income and expenses.
  • It is fair to ask if they have any preferred product to refer to you and why.

The answer to these three questions will help you determine that the advisor is adding value to you and your family.