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Life Insurance and Investment Goals

Life Insurance for clients at the age of 50 or more

Life insurance coverage has evolved for the age group 50 and above over the last few years. There are some excellent life insurance plans available that cater to this age group.

There are ‘No Medical’ life insurance policies available for the age group 50 and above.

Both ‘Term’ and ‘Permanent’ types of life insurance are available for the age of 50 and up. Insurance premiums go up with age, and smoking will increase the cost of life insurance.

It is essential to pick the right product because there is more to lose in premium and coverage if an incorrect product is chosen. Next Level’s Insurance Team works hard to ensure you and your family have the coverage that is suited for you.

Investment Goals – General yearly strategy

2020 is showing us a turbulent year in the investment world, and Next Level Financial is frequently tracking your investment funds. Next Level Financial will contact you if there is a need to make small strategic adjustments to maximize your investments.

Risk tolerance refers to the investment portion that you can afford to lose. We know these are challenging times, and we are working harder to ensure you and your family receive the highest possible value.

Do you have any short term investments, or all your investments aimed at long term performance? Can we add some additional chassis to your investment portfolio?

Consider these points to your strategy for reviewing your investments. The Next Level Financial Team will continue to optimize your investment funds and serve you and your family.